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Sales Manager:
  • 1.Achieve sales target and establish sales strategies
  • 2.Set sales target, allocate work among sales team, ensure that team accomplishes sales target
  • 3.Work with HR to recruitment, training, and building sales team
  • 4.Set up marketing strategies (in collaboration with company’s overall marketing effort) and monitor the marketing activities
  • 5.Establish an effective sharing atmosphere among the sales team
  • 6.Give timely feedback to the sales team members
  • 7.Optimize sales processes
  • 8.Help to resolve challenges of the team members
  • 9.Optimize sales tools
  • 10.Work with other departments to achieve the company’s goals
  • 11.Uncover the potential of each team members and motivate the entire team
  • 1.Possess excellent sales and leadership skills
  • 2.Demonstrated Strong problem-solving skills
  • 3.Established outstanding communication skills
  • 4.Possess client service mentality and excellent at maintaining client relationships
  • 5.Overseas study experience strongly preferred
  • 6.Passionate for helping people in the education industry
  • 7.Chinese citizen

Brand marketing:
  • 1.Overall responsibility for the company's brand and its products brand planning, design, promotion and management of;
  • 2.Establishment of corporate brand development direction, the establishment of efficient brand management and brand image, establish perfect brand management system and process;
  • 3.To organize the implementation of brand strategy and brand development strategy, establish effective analysis, evaluation system, security brand building and promotion effect;
  • 4.Carry out market research, target market, analysis of peer or competitor activities impact on the company;
  • 5.Efficient use of media resources to implement brand marketing plan, to help enterprises achieve the goal to maximize revenue.
  • 1.Bachelor degree or above, marketing, management and other related majors;
  • 2.More than 5 years of brand planning, design, promotion and management experience, at least 1 years the same position experience brand director;
  • 3.Love the Internet industry, familiar with the Internet mode of operation and product features, proficient in desktop product is preferred;
  • 4.Excellent planning skills, communication skills; excellent innovation ability and analysis ability;
  • 5.Of a successful brand construction case is preferred.

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